Yara Zaya: Taking a Pregnancy Test Without Jovi Was Agony

On this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance Season 8, Yara Zaya was not feeling well.

It took a conversation with a friend for her to realize that these could be early symptoms of pregnancy.

After having a miscarriage earlier in her relationship with Jovi Dufren and being alone, taking a pregnancy test was no easy thing.

In a new interview, both stars are opening up about the emotional experience.

Yara Zaya - I've been feeling sick

Following the airing of Episode 7, Yara Zaya spoke to Us Weekly about what this experience was like for her.

“I was feeling so much scared because … I don’t know,” Yara confessed as she recalled having to take a pregnancy test alone.

Pregnancy tests are often intimidating. For a woman still reeling from the memory of a miscarriage to take one without her fiance or any family or friends around … that’s a lot.

Yara Zaya - I cannot even thinking to have a baby right now

“As a woman who had [a] miscarriage, to go again [and get] pregnant would be, like … something crazy,” Yara expressed.

“Especially because when I [had my] last miscarriage,” she revealed, “my doctor was telling me that I will never have kids maybe.”

Yara added that, based upon what that doctor told her: “There is a big possibility.”

Yara Zaya - I feel sad to be alone in New Orleans

So naturally, Yara explained, when she purchased the pregnancy test, “it was a big deal.”

This was not only a big deal to her, of course.

Jovi may have had a different experience, but that does not mean that he did not grieve the last miscarriage or have feelings about being away for this upcoming test.

Jovi Dufren regrets upsetting conversation, past mistakes, must leave

Jovi spoke to Us and shared that he had a “tough” time working overseas while Yara was taking the test.

“She’s telling me she thinks she might be pregnant,” he narrated as he thought back to that experience.

Jovi continued his play-by-play of how he felt in the moment: “I don’t really know what’s going on because I’m not there.”

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren kiss and make up

“And,” Jovi’s recollection continued, “I have so much of an overwhelming feeling.”

He described his thinking: “like, ‘OK, maybe we have a chance to get pregnant again, that’s great.'”

However, Jovi remembers very wisely asking himself: “‘But is it the best timing? Maybe not right now.’”

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren on Instagram

At the time, Jovi had “a million things going through” his mind, each thought racing at the speed of light.

“[I was] at work,” he noted in his interview, referring to his international job of diving to repair pipelines.

“And,” Jovi added, “everything’s out of my control.”

Yara Zaya to Jovi Dufren - I don't know, maybe I'll die

Obviously, if he had still been in New Orleans with Yara, he wouldn’t have had any more control over the test results than he does overseas.

But being there means that he could provide comfort and emotional support to Yara.

This is a situation where either outcome is going to elicit multiple, sometimes conflicting emotional responses.

Jovi Dufren hugs Yara Zaya at the airport

We have yet to see how Yara’s test will play out.

However, it does appear that she and Jovi welcomed a baby together — a rainbow baby, no less, welcomed in September of 2020.

These two have a lot of potential … even though they are radically and fundamentally different people.

January 18, 2021
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