Xbox Series X sold out? Not quite – these retailers have pre-order stock right now

Xbox Series X pre-order

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Xbox Series X pre-orders are live now, but if you want to get yours then you’re going to have to act quickly as stock is disappearing fast.

While most pre-order sites are crashing from serious overload, we’ve rounded up all the retailers with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pre-order stock, so you can quickly get yourself in the queue.

Pre-orders for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are live right now. Keep an eye on our Xbox Series X pre-order page and Xbox Series S pre-order page for all the latest information. 

  • Microsoft: pre-orders live now – site issues
  • Amazon: pre-order page still crashing
  • Sam’s Club: pre-orders live now
  • Best Buy: pre-orders live soon – site issues
  • Newegg: pre-orders live soon
  • Walmart: pre-orders live now – listed as out of stock, keep refreshing
  • GameStop: pre-orders live now
  • Target: pre-orders live now

Where to pre-order the Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S – $499.99 / $299.99 at Microsoft

Head directly to the Microsoft Store first to place your Xbox Series X (or S) pre-order. It was the last retailer in the UK to run out of stock when pre-orders opened, and we think there’s a very good chance this will be the case in the US too. Pre-orders open now.

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Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S – $499.99 / $299.99 at Amazon

Amazon is likely to have a large supply of Xbox Series X pre-orders ready to go – and because the enormous online retailer is very good at dealing with huge spikes of traffic, it’s the least likely website to crash too. However, you’ll be up against more competition here, so you’ll need to be quick. Pre-orders haven’t opened yet.

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Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S – $499.99 / $299.99 at Newegg

Microsoft has announced that Newegg will be supplying pre-orders, opening up another avenue for Xbox Series X pre-orders. Pre-orders open now – but already sold out.

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Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S – $499.99 / $299.99 at Best Buy

Last week Best Buy sold out of the PS5 in minutes – and we predict this will be the case with Xbox today. Still waiting on pre-orders to open.

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Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S – $499.99 / $299.99 at Walmart

Walmart proved exceedingly popular for PS5 pre-orders, and we expect it to be a good option for Xbox too. However, this retailer has a habit of turning pre-orders on and off again – so if you see ‘sold out’ messaging, or aren’t able to place you order, don’t give up. Keep refreshing the page… Pre-orders open now.View Deal

Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: $499.99 / $299.99 at GameStop

Gaming-focused retailer GameStop should have its fair share of Xbox Series X pre-order slots, and if you’re part of its loyalty program you may receive some rewards. However, the retailer has been struggling recently and some brick-and-mortar shops are at risk of closing down – this would be our last resort. Pre-orders open now.

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  • Game: pre-orders live and in stock
  • Very: pre-order Series S (Series X out of stock)
  • Amazon: pre-order Series S (Series X out of stock)
  • Argos: pre-order Series S (Series X out of stock)
  • John Lewis: awaiting pre-orders
  • Currys: pre-orders previously live (awaiting stock)
  • AO: pre-orders previously live (awaiting stock)
  • Microsoft: pre-orders previously live (awaiting stock)
  • Smyths Toys: site is down, stock may be available when it returns
  • Tesco: now out of stock of both consoles
  • Simply Games: Still ‘register your interest’ page
  • Shopto: currently out of stock
September 22, 2020
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