Witty Millennial Life Kits – The Adulting Kit is a Hilarious Take on Millennial Culture (TrendHunter.com)

“Adulting” is a term coined by pop culture to refer to Millennials trying to get their act together, and to help them do so, Pinch Provisions launched the ‘Adulting Kit: Keep it Together.’ This hilarious kit is packaged in Millenial pink — of course — and references witty slogans that are prevalent in meme culture such as “Future me Problems.”

The Adulting Kit features 15 must-haves to help a Millenial grow up including an avocado-specific punch card to “receive a low balance bank alert,” a small sewing kit, a witty ‘Thank You’ card set, a multi-purpose tool, a static remover, a decision coin to either “save the money” or “order takeout,” a stain remover, a laundry guide, a lint brush, and coasters that stay “I’m trying to have nice things.”

July 11, 2020
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