Welcome to TechRadar’s LGBTQ+ Gaming Week 2021

LGBTQ  Gaming Week

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Welcome to TechRadar’s LGBTQ Gaming Week 2021, a week-long celebration during which we’re inviting LGBTQ gamers to tell their stories, and explore topics within the LGBTQ gaming community. That means throughout the week you’ll be seeing features, opinion pieces and more, on a variety of LGBTQ gaming-related topics, appearing on the site.

LGBTQ Gaming Week is about amplifying voices within the LGBTQ gaming community – and dedicating the time and space to ensure that those voices are heard. We’ve aimed to cover topics on a range of genders, sexualities, and important issues. We’ve ensured that members of the community have had a say in each and every piece that’s being published, which means all the writers featured are from the LGBTQ community, and many of the articles feature bespoke illustrations from R Healey Art.

We’re aware that not every piece will be reflective of all LGBTQ experiences, but they’re the experiences and topics that our writers felt were important to explore.

This is the first time TechRadar has hosted an LGBTQ Gaming Week, so why are we doing this now? These continue to be challenging times for those in the LGBTQ community, with many continuing to have to defend their identity and rights. Here at TechRadar, we believe all LGBTQ rights are human rights. 

So however you identify, we welcome you to TechRadar’s LGBTQ Gaming Week 2021.

LGBTQ Gaming Week

We’ll be rolling out our LGBTQ Gaming Week features throughout the week, and adding them here so you can find them easily.

The search for the elusive queer parent in gaming

Queer parents

(Image credit: TechRadar/R Healey Art)

A gay father talks about the validation they found in games, reflecting on their experience as well as their frustration at the lack of more queer parent representation. Read the full feature here.

More TechRadar LGBTQ content


(Image credit: Twitch)

As LGBTQIA streamers strive to be seen and heard on Twitch, is the current tag system doing more harm than good? Read the full feature here.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands heralds a more LGBTQ -inclusive future for the game

World of Warcraft Shadowlands

(Image credit: Blizzard)

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is going to start working in a lot more LGBTQ -friendly elements, and Blizzard is just getting started. Read the full feature here.

The best LGBTQ representation in PC games

Chloe Price from Life is Strange

(Image credit: Square Enix)

For PC Gaming Week 2020, we took a look at the best LGBTQ representation we’ve seen in PC games so far. You can read the full feature here.

8 new and upcoming games with LGBTQ characters and narratives

New and upcoming games with LGBTQ  characters and narratives

(Image credit: KO_OP)

Again for PC Gaming Week 2020, we gathered up eight new and upcoming PC games that feature queer characters and narratives to help you round out your game library ,or annoy your friends with as you gush about them. Check out the full list here.

LGBTQ resources

If you want to learn more about the LGBTQ community, check out the resources below:

Charities and non-profit organizations

  • Stonewall: a non-profit organization that campaigns for the equality of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people across Britain – also has a Youth division.
  • Gendered Intelligence: A UK-based charity whose objective is to increase people’s understanding of gender diversity, working with the trans community and specializing in supporting trans youth aged 8-25.
  • LGBT Youth Scotland: Scotland’s national charity for LGBTI young people, working with 13-25-year-olds across the country, which also delivers the LGBT Charter program to schools, organizations and businesses.
  • Mermaids: UK charity supporting transgender kids, young people and their families since 1995.
  • The Trevor Project: A US national 24-hour, toll-free confidential suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth.
  • Trans Lifeline: Run by and for trans people with a goal to provide trans peer support and care. Covers the US and Canada.
  • Planned Parenthood LGBT Services: A non-profit organization that provides sexual health care and education for the LGBTQ community in the United States and globally. 
  • Human Rights Campaign Foundation: The largest LGBTQ advocacy group and political lobbying organization in the United States, with a focus on protecting and expanding rights for LGBTQ people.



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