Watchy Is a $50 E-Paper Smartwatch

(Photo: Squarofumi/Tindie)

Smartwatches range in price from the very cheap $20 Wyze Watch right up to the $399 Apple Watch Series 6. Now we have Watchy—a smartwatch that’s also a DIY project and it only costs $50.

As Gizmodo reports, Watchy was created by Squarofumi, and it’s built using open source hardware and software. It’s available to purchase on the makers marketplace Tindie for $49.99 (when more stock is available), although it’s currently discounted to just $44.99. For that you’re getting a fully-assembled Watchy PCB (based on the ESP32 board) sitting underneath a 1.54-inch E-Paper display with a resolution of 200-by-200 pixels. There’s also a 200mAh battery and a watch strap included.

Watchy functionality

January 14, 2021
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