Voice-Activated Gas Payments – 7-Eleven’s Service Lets iPhone Users Use Siri to Pay at the Pump (TrendHunter.com)

There’s a new way for iPhone owners to pay at the pump thanks to a new pilot service from 7-Eleven. At participating 7-Eleven stores in North and South Orlando, Florida, North Texas and Woodbridge, Virginia, iPhone users are able to use Siri to pay for fuel using just their voice.

Using the new service begins with downloading the newest version of the 7Rewards loyalty app, linking a credit or debit card and setting up a customized Siri shortcut. Simply saying “Siri, fuel now” will then save consumers from having to take out a payment card or even open an app to pay.

At a time when businesses are introducing contactless payment options to reduce the number of surfaces that people need to come into contact with to complete a transaction, new solutions are showing to simplify payments for the essentials.

Image Credit: 7-Eleven

July 9, 2020
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