Virtual Improv Shows – Noodles & Company is Hosting Livestreamed, Interactive Improv Shows (

Noodles & Company is teaming up with People’s Improv Theater in New York City and the iO Theater in Chicago to deliver laughs via virtual improv shows at a time when people need them most. The livestreamed, interactive events are designed to share the joy and spontaneity of live events and take inspiration from Noodles’ signature dish: Wisconsin Mac & Cheese.

With Mac & Cheese & Yes &, Noodles & Company is creating a platform of comedians to share virtual 15-minute performances on Facebook Live. Like the best improv shows, these promise to “take on a life of their own with the help of audience input and the performers’ boundless creativity.”

Noodles & Company is also hosting a sweepstake to give people the chance to win a year of free Wisconsin Mac & Cheese.

Image Credit: Noodles & Company

August 15, 2020
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