Twitter may rollout new app icons and launch screen for iOS


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Twitter may be in the midst of a major hacking imbroglio now. But amidst all that brouhaha, it is trying some new tweaks for ios users.

Twitter is apparently testing out a new set of app icons on iOS, and a new intro animation when users open the app.

According to a report in 9to5mac, Twitter appears to be exploring the possibility of giving iOS users a choice of Twitter app icons to use on their home screens. 

This news has emerged based on a new survey sent out to members of its Twitter Insiders beta program.

As of now, four different app icons have emerged — to be honest, none of them looks too different from the existing one.

But the social media platform is reportedly seeking feedback from the insiders pograms users about the new designs.

Breaking away from conservatism

The possible twitter icons

The possible twitter icons (Image credit: 9to5mac)

Twitter is attempting this change in icon based on the genearl comment that its icon design is standard, and hence considered staid.

On the other hand, third party twitter clients offer a variety of icons and they seem to be pretty popular among the users. Those icons without tampering the Twitter bird logo have managed to give a good variety for the users to enjoy. Twitter, at least on paper, seems to be aiming for such options in its official client.

Going the GIF way

The possible Twitter spalsh screen

The possible Twitter spalsh screen (Image credit: 9to5mac)

But the other big news is, Twitter is also testing a new splash screen. And that looks, well, splashy. Which is very unlike Twitter. It is known to play it conservative when it comes to design and colours.

But these are testing times and Twitter is under increasing pressure from other type of social media platforms which by their glitz and razzmatazz have managed to attract young users.

Impelled by the market, Twitter is trying out a variety of changes.

After Fleets it had another feature that prompted users to read the story before retweeting it. Twitter then was said to test out a feature to allow users to respond with emojis on the regular timeline. Then it was audio tweets for iOS users.  Twitter also released a new list search option to all users to help them discover new lists and add them to their feed.

Also, after launching a slew of new features, the popular social networking service is apparently on a project to launch a subscription platform, the details of which are highly sketchy as of now.

Twitter while looking ahead has announced that it will roll out a new version of its developer API that is built from scratch and will include a lot of missing features.

Source: 9to5mac.

July 21, 2020
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