Trailer Watch: Fox Rich Fights for Her Husband’s Freedom in Garrett Bradley’s “Time”


Trailer Watch: Fox Rich Fights for Her Husband’s Freedom in Garrett Bradley’s “Time”


Throughout the new trailer for “Time,” Garrett Bradley’s Sundance award-winning documentary, Fox Rich tries to get an update on a ruling concerning her husband, Rob. He’s serving a 60-year prison sentence for a crime he and Rich both committed in the ’90s, in a moment of desperation. She makes phone call after phone call, but gets nowhere.

“These people have no respect for other human beings’ lives,” Rich says. “No matter how sane or how understanding you try to be, it just will make you lose your absolute mind.”

“Time” follows Rich over two decades, as she fights to secure her husband’s release and keeps him in contact with their family. Much of the doc’s footage is taken from recordings Rich has made for Rob over the years, including messages of love from her and their family and documentation of milestones and special events.

Even with all the work Rich has done to keep Rob connected to their family, the prison sentence has done a lot of permanent damage. “My twins will be 18 next month,” she reveals. “They have absolutely no idea what it means to have a father in the house — what fathers even do.”

Features “Cover Me” and “Below Dreams” and episodes of “Queen Sugar” and “Trial by Media” are among Bradley’s other credits. She won a Sundance Jury Award and was shortlisted for an Oscar for her doc short “Alone.” She is attached to helm a Netflix docuseries about tennis star Naomi Osaka.

“Time” opens in select theaters October 9, and will launch on Amazon Prime Video October 23.

August 22, 2020
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