This Samsung Galaxy S21 Case Could Make the Galaxy Note Extinct

(Samsung’s Silicone Cover with S Pen )

Put your phone in a case—especially if its costs $1,200. We have a great roundup of third-party Samsung Galaxy S21cases on our site right now, but as I’m using an S21 Ultra as my primary phone, I decided to request a few official Samsung cases for hands-on testing. Three are just okay. One could be a game changer.

The game changer is Samsung’s Silicone Cover with S Pen ($69.99). This case basically turns your phone into a Galaxy Note, along with protecting the phone, for $30 less than the price differential between the S21 Ultra and the Note. It’s a black silicone sleeve that goes over your phone, with a grippy slot on the left side that holds an included S Pen.

I love how it feels in my hand. It significantly improves the S21 Ultra’s functionality, by including the pen. And it gives me confidence that drops won’t break the camera glass, always a problem with phones that have camera bumps.

S Pen StorageClear Protective Cover ($39.99) and Smart LED View Cover ($59.99).

Samsung's Clear Protective CoverGalaxy S21 case roundup for more details. And check out our Galaxy S21 Ultra review to see the best camera phone available in the US.

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January 29, 2021
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