This Premium Email Signature Builder Is Only $50 Today


Boost the professional look of your business emails within minutes.

In this time when building brand recognition depends almost entirely on your online presence, it can be quite difficult to reel in new potential customers. While many companies rush to create new social media accounts or spend large sums on ad campaigns, email largely goes unnoticed as a method of expanding your demographic. A positive and professional customer service experience can make your brand go viral through word-of-mouth, so take the credibility of your business to the next level with MySignature.

MySignature is a simple yet robust online email signature generator that will boost the professional look of your business within minutes. The branded signatures that it produces are polished, informational, and—most importantly—display the crucial details you want anyone who interacts with your brand to know. Include your logo, contact information, links to social media, and more. 

With MySignature, you’ll be able to advertise your products or services more efficiently than ever before. Build trust and recognition within your clientele by transforming your sales team into brand ambassadors equipped with visually compelling, uniform, and memorable email signatures. The software is compatible with all major email clients (Gmail, Outlook, AppleMail, Thunderbird, etc.), and is accessible from mobile devices so you can switch up your signature no matter where you are. With their 10-signature plan, you’ll have access to 10 simultaneous signatures that are easily interchangeable between devices.

If your business isn’t seeing the amount of traffic you’d like, it could be time to switch up your email signature. Right now, PCMag readers can get a lifetime of email signature services from MySignature for only $49.99, just a fraction of its $1,200 retail price.

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August 13, 2020
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