This bargain broadband deal from Plusnet scores you superfast speeds at low costs

Fibre broadband deals

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Looking for a new fibre internet plan without breaking the bank? Plusnet’s latest round of broadband deals could be the perfect place to start, offering fast speeds and low prices.

While there are two new offers from Plusnet, it’s faster Fibre Extra plan looks to be the better choice. It supplies speeds averaging 66Mb while only charging £24.99 a month for it. On top of that, Plusnet will also throw in a £60 Mastercard.

Want something cheaper? Plusnet has a second plan costing just £22.99 while supplying slightly slower speeds averaging 36Mb. Like the above offer, Plusnet will also throw in a £60 Mastercard.

However, while both Plusnet deals are excellent, it is well worth keeping in mind what other fibre broadband deals are out there. Both TalkTalk and Virgin have excellent offers that compete with the above from Plusnet.

Plusnet broadband deals: see these offers in full

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra Broadband: 18 months | 66Mb average speed | Free calls to Plusnet customers | £24.99 per month | FREE activation | £60 reward card

Plusnet’s Unlimited Fibre Extra deal secures you speeds averaging 66Mb while only charging £24.99 a month. While that is already a very affordable price for these kind of speeds, it gets better thanks to the £60 Mastercard Plusnet is throwing in. That effectively brings your costs down to a very affordable £21.65 a month.

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Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Broadband: 18 months | Avg speeds 36Mb | FREE activation | £22.99 per month £60 Mastercard

Plusnet is offering the perfect fibre broadband deal for anyone who’s on more of a tight budget right now. It secures you speeds averaging 36Mb while only charging £22.99 a month. That is already one of the cheapest fibre plans out there, but then Plusnet takes it a step further, throwing in a £60 Mastercard to effectively bring costs down further.

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Alternative options from TalkTalk and Virgin:

The best fibre internet plan around

Virgin M100 Fibre Broadband | 18 months | 108Mb average speed | £24 per month | FREE activation £75 Amazon voucher

If you’re living somewhere where Virgin is available, this is likely going to be the best fibre plan on the market. It costs £24 a month while supplying speeds averaging 108Mb. That’s going to be plenty for most households, securing you lag-free gaming and ease while working from home. On top of the pricing and speed benefits, this Virgin plan also supplies a £75 Amazon voucher.

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TalkTalk Fibre 65 Broadband: 24 months | Avg speeds 67Mb | FREE activation | £24 per month £80 voucher

Similar to the Virgin offer above, this TalkTalk fibre plan comes in at a cost of £24 a month while supplying speeds averaging 67Mb. On top of the speed and price benefits, you also get an £80 credit that can be used as a Mastercard, at M&S, Tesco or on While the speeds aren’t as fast as Virgin’s, it is available in a much wider portion of the UK.View Deal

January 28, 2021
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