These iPhone 12 deals are the perfect alternative to the new Samsung S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 deals

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Samsung and Apple are the Batman and Joker of the phone world – the two biggest names, constantly in competition for the top spot. So if you’ve been considering pre-ordering the new Samsung S21, it’s worth looking at how the iPhone 12 lines up.

Both handsets are the latest options from the two brands, offering very similar price tags and overall, pretty similar specs across the board. But with iPhone 12 deals being a few months older, are they cheaper than the newly released S21?

Thanks to Apple’s impeccable resale value and determination to not waver to price drops, the iPhone 12 is still roughly the same price as the new Samsung Galaxy S21 deals making them the perfect competition.

With that in mind, below we’ve picked out the best contracts on the two handsets for you to compare. It is worth keeping in mind that the S21 deals below do come with free headphones and a Smart Tag as they’re pre-order deals. 

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The best iPhone 12 deals:

The best Samsung Galaxy S21 deals:

What are the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro like?

iPhone 12:

Apple’s brand new iPhone 12 is in every way an improvement over the iPhone 11. However, other than the introduction of 5G and Apple’s new MagSafe feature, this is very much an incremental update.

It throws in Apple’s A14 Bionic chip – the fastest processor in any phone – improves the camera across both pictures and video for crisper shots and better low light photography, and ups the display with more pixels and a higher brightness.

Samsung Galaxy S21:The Samsung Galaxy S21 is the cheapest of the three new handsets from Samsung. While it isn’t quite as impressive as either the S21 Plus or the Ultra, it stands out as the best option of the three because of that lower cost.

It comes with the same advanced 5G features as both the S21 Plus and Ultra, uses a Full HD resolution AMOLED display and features Samsung’s new and incredibly powerful Exynos 2100 processor.

That processor improvement doesn’t just aid in the power of the handset itself but improves the camera performance, the UI, and performance in gaming and other intensive tasks.

While the device makes significant improvements, it has maintained the same battery capacity, is the same size at 6.2-inches, and uses a slightly lower quality display compared to the S20.

January 22, 2021
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