Tesla Updates the Model S With a New Interior, 520 Mile Range

(Photo: Tesla)

Tesla is set to ship a refreshed version of the Model S in March, bringing with it a tweaked exterior, redesigned interior, a steering wheel you’ll either love or hate, and improved range.

As The Verge reports, there’s been some minor changes to the exterior of the car, but all the important changes are on the inside. First of all, is the extended range of the Model S. The base Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Long Range model, which costs $80,000 offers 412 miles on a single charge. However, a new Plaid Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive option will offer 390 miles of range ($120,000), or a Plaid version pushes that up to 520 miles ($140,000).

Tesla claims this is the longest range of any in-production electric vehicle, but also the fastest acceleration with the Model S achieving 155mph in 9.23 seconds and 0-60mph in 1.99 seconds.

Model S steering wheelModel S web page talks about gaming on either the front or second row displays and how it takes advantage of up to 10 teraflops of processing power. For comparison, the Xbox Series X offers 12 teraflops and the PS5 offers 10 teraflops, suggesting this car won’t struggle to play the latest titles.

January 28, 2021
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