TalkTalk security software promises to protect smart home gadgets from viruses

TalkTalk smart home protection

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Protecting your smart home gadgets from viruses and unwanted intruders looks set to get easier. TalkTalk is currently trialling a new Smart Home Protection service with some of its customers, which claims to protect “everything connected in your home, from desktop computers and phones to smart TVs and baby monitors”. 

The TalkTalk Smart Home Protection app has appeared in both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, although it has a disclaimer that it’s currently only available for product development purposes. 

“Smart Home Protection is indeed being trialled but there is no confirmed date for launch yet,” TalkTalk told TechRadar. However, it declined to go into detail about the features the app will offer.

According to the blurb in the Google Play Store, the app works in conjunction with security features embedded in TalkTalk’s routers and cloud-based security to protect every connected device in your home. The app also provides the ability to apply parental controls and content filters to individual devices, something TalkTalk routers don’t currently offer.

It’s been installed more than 1,000 times on Android devices, although it’s clear from the reviews that some downloads have been accidental. One user left a review on the app’s page highlighting they were unable to use the app because they didn’t have an activation code.

TalkTalk responded to another review explaining that they’d be contacting “eligible Supersafe Boost customers” when the app was publicly available. 

Supersafe Boost is a £4 per month add-on for TalkTalk broadband that provides internet security software for up to 10 computers, tablets and mobile phones to protect against viruses, ransomware, malicious websites and phishing scams. However, it can’t be installed on other internet-connected devices. Supersafe Boost also comes with a password manager that can store passwords, pin numbers and credit card details so they can be easily accessed from any devices.  

January 22, 2021
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