Solar Cell-Sheathed Vehicles – This Second-Generation Electric Vehicle Has 248 Photovoltaic Panels (

The Sion electric vehicle created plenty of attention when it was first put up for pre-order a few years ago, but the second-generation electric vehicle recently unveiled at CES 2021 has well and truly built on the progress with the inclusion of expanded range via an upgraded battery setup.

The second-generation version of the Sion, created by Germany-based Sono Motors, makes generous use of solar cells that are located all over the exterior of the vehicle, including its doors and the roof, while 248 photovoltaic panels are embedded in the structure of the vehicle. T

As far as performance is concerned, this second-generation electric vehicle is set to offer a top speed in the range of 140 km/h in conjunction with 129 pounds-feet of torque, which goes to show that performance and eco-friendly stature needn’t be mutually exclusive when it comes to next-generation electric vehicles.

January 13, 2021
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