Snapchilled Canned Coffee Collaborations – Elemental Beverage Emphasizes Its Snapchill Technology (

Through a specialized and patented Snapchill™ Technology, Elemental Beverage is able to “harness the power of simple science to chill everything you pour in seconds.”

Connoisseurs of coffee are aware that special skills and techniques are needed for making cold brew coffee in the summer. Unfortunately, more traditional methods like ice, cold-brewing, and refrigeration have a negative effect on the chilled beverage—they dilute and oxidize. This, in turn, compromises the flavor and aroma, which are essential to the coffee experience. Elemental Beverage’s Snapchill Technology seeks to remedy this and most recently, the brand is expanding “its online retail channel through a new co-branding, brewing and packaging service to coffee companies.”

“All roasters need to do is send us their coffees, work with us on designing a collaboration label, and we’ll do the rest — brew, chill, can and ship,” said Sarah Amitay, Chief Marketing Officer for Elemental Beverage.

Image Credit: Elemental Beverage

September 13, 2020
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