Science-Supported Vaccine Campaigns – Science Up First Aims to Tackle Vaccination Misinformation (

A group of health experts, scientists, and communicators are banding together to help stop the spread of misinformation in relation to the COVID-19 vaccine in a new campaign called Science Up First. The digital awareness and engagement campaign will debunk false claims with best-in-class and science-based content.

“Misinformation is a dire, imminent threat to the lives of all Canadians and is proven to be one of the factors fueling COVID-19 infections, and dissuading Canadians from getting vaccinated,” says Timothy Caulfield, Canadian Research Chair in Health Law & Policy, University of Alberta. “The #ScienceUpFirst initiative seeks to help fill an urgent need to beat back misinformation with the truth, and save lives.”

The Science Up First campaign follows a proven guideline that tackles the spread of misinformation and will have content shared in multiple languages across various platforms.

Image Credit: Science Up First

January 26, 2021
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