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With the release of the new 2020 M1 MacBook range late last year, we were wondering when those original 2020 MacBook Air deals would start to pop up. Now that day has come, and you can find up to $300 off last year’s Intel release at B&H Photo this week. 

The biggest saving sits on this 512GB model. Perfect for storing and using larger media files, or simply keeping all your documents and apps loaded on one machine, the i5 processor and 8GB RAM will keep everything feeling smooth and fast. Previously sitting at $1,349, it’s now available for $1,049 at B&H Photo. That’s $200 less than the M1 version, which currently sits at $1,249

However, the MacBook Air deal that will get most people excited is this 256GB, i5 model. It’s just $30 more than the entry level i3 version right now, and that $929 price tag marks an excellent departure from the $1,000 costs we’re used to seeing.

Sure, the M1 MacBook Air is considerably more powerful, with that new processor blowing critics and users away with its speed. However, if you don’t need a blitzingly fast processor, you’ll find the exact same luxury design here on the previous generation. Plus, with MacBook Air deals slashing these prices you’ll find more storage options open to you at a lower cost as well. 

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Today’s best MacBook Air deals

2020 MacBook Air (i3, 256GB): $999 $899 at B&H Photo

Save $100 –
The baseline i3 MacBook Air was already well-priced at launch – offering 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD on a luxury laptop for just $999. However, MacBook deals since then have dropped that price down to $899, and you’ve got another chance to take advantage of that discount right here.

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Top pick

2020 MacBook Air (i5, 256GB): $1,129 $929 at B&H Photo

Save $200 –
If you need a little extra power in your processor, however, you can upgrade to the i5 model for just $30 more this week. You’re saving $200 overall, with this mid-range model previously coming in at $1,129. This is our top pick if you don’t want to break $1,000 – for the sake of $30 you’re picking up a far better processor and still getting that excellent 256GB of storage space.

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2020 MacBook Air (i5, 512GB): $1,349 $1,049 at B&H Photo

Save $300 –
This week’s biggest MacBook Air deal sits on the 512GB model. That’s plenty of storage space for larger media files – handy if you’re going to be using Adobe software or just making use of iMovie and GarageBand. With $300 off the original MSRP you’ll also find a handsome $1,049 price here.

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More MacBook Air deals

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January 25, 2021
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