Satellite Internet Beta Tests – SpaceX is Launching a Private Beta Test for Its Starlink Internet (

SpaceX recently indicated that it is conducting a private beta test for its Starlink internet service. The private beta announcement was made by Kate Tice, a SpaceX engineer, on a webcast. Tice indicated that the satellite internet service will feature low latency features, with download speeds over 100Mbps. According to Tice, the speeds make the internet service capable of streaming HD content simultaneously. Kate Tice also indicated that the company will continue to work on these features and expect improvements in the future.

Starlink internet service could provide new options for consumers in areas with poor connections, or that lack internet infrastructure.

SpaceX also was able to complete its inaugural inter-satellite link, which is capable of transfer mass amounts of data between satellites using an optical laser.

Image Credit: SpaceX

September 7, 2020
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