Samsung S20 Ultra deals hit lowest price yet making it a real S21 Ultra competitor

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra deals

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra deals are going to need to move aside, with a massive price crash giving it a boost, the Samsung S20 Ultra is looking like a better choice than ever before.

As a handset, the S20 Ultra was never really very affordable. Like its new and improved sibling the S21 Ultra, its £1000 price tag meant contracts left you paying well into the £50/£60 a month mark.

But finally, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra deals have seen a significant reduction in cost. Thanks to a sale ran by Mobile Phones Direct, three offers can secure you this older handset at some brilliant price points.

All of these deals provide you with a whopping 120GB of data on the O2 network and the cheapest one comes £134 under the handset’s SIM-free cost….somehow.

Of course, the S21 Ultra is a more powerful handset with a newer processor, better camera and a stylish new design. But at this price point, the S20 Ultra actually feels like the better choice!

These affordable Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra deals:

What is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra like?

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The Samsung S20 Ultra may not be Samsung’s newest flagship but it still comes with all the bells and whistles of a feature-packed Android handset, no expense spared.

The largest of the S20 family, the S20 Ultra has a stunning 6.9-inch AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate you can use at Full HD resolutions. As well as this standout feature, its assortment of sensors on its rear camera package features a 100x SuperZoom, alongside its four – yes, four – other sensors. This whopper of a camera also allows you to shoot 8K video.

To fuel this beast, you’ll find a 5000mAh battery cell, as well as 12GB or 16GB of RAM and 128GB or 512GB of internal storage.

February 6, 2021
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