Samsung Launches a 130-Inch 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector


It’s called The Premiere, and it’s the world’s first HDR10 certified projector with triple laser technology.

(Photo: Samsung)

Samsung is set to offer an alternative for people who desire a huge 4K HDR-enabled TV to watch, but would like it to disappear when not in use. It’s called The Premiere.

The Premiere is an ultra short throw laser projector, which Samsung claims is the world’s first to be HDR10 certified. It’s certainly going to be a tempting alternative to the 65-inch 4K TV options out there as the projector will be available in 120-inch (LSP7T) and 130-inch (LSP9T) models. As well as offering 4K resolution and HDR10 , the peak brightness available is 2,900 ANSI lumens and Samsung includes a Filmmaker Mode, which allows you to watch movies “as the director intended.”

Samsung LSP9T ultra short throw laser projectorHome projectors can offer great visuals, but fall short when it comes to audio. Samsung is ensuring that isn’t the case with The Premiere by including built-in woofers and Acoustic Beam surround sound. No additional sound equipment will be required for a cinema-like experience according to Samsung.

The full spec of The Premiere and the difference between the two models has yet to be shared, and we don’t know the pricing. However, Samsung intends to make its new projector available in the US, Europe, and Korea before the end of the year, so we should find out in the coming months. Depending on how high the price is, I imagine a few people will want to hook The Premiere up to a PS5 of Xbox Series X for 130-inch gaming this Christmas.

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September 2, 2020
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