Samsung Galaxy S21 deals: this 100GB data offer is our top pre-order pick so far

Samsung Galaxy S21 deals

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Well, just a few weeks into the new year and we already have a new set of flagship phones – how exciting! And if Samsung’s latest generation of devices have caught your eye, you might now be looking at pre-orders, trying to decipher the best prices.

We’ve had our heads deep into the world of Samsung Galaxy S21 deals since they launched and so far, an offer on the Vodafone network stands out as the best value.

It supplies you with 100GB of data while only charging you £43 a month and £9.99 upfront – an excellent overall price. You can also trade in an old Samsung device to save up to £330 on this deal, massively cutting the costs.

Because it’s currently in the pre-order stage, you will get a free pair of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live and it’s new tech – the Samsung Smart Tag. Order this deal and it will be delivered by January 29.

The best S21 pre-order deal yet:

What is the Samsung Galaxy S21 like?

The cheapest of the three new handsets, the S21 is a 5G handset at a price that rivals the iPhone 12 and is much cheaper than the S20 was on launch.

Despite that lower price tag, you’re getting Samsung’s new Exynos 2100 processor. That’s a super powerful chip powering Samsung’s already impressive camera software and operating system.

The camera is an incremental upgrade on what the S20 provided, boosting the 8K video software, super steady video and an improved 60fps ‘Director’s View’. Thanks to the new processor, the cameras AI software is working better than ever.

However, Samsung hasn’t managed to improve the battery capacity which could prove a problem with all of this new software.

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January 15, 2021
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