Samsung ‘Blade Bezel’ Laptops Will Have Under-Screen Webcams

(Photo: Samsung)

Most people will be very happy to see the notches disappear from smartphones once under-screen cameras and sensors have been perfected. The same is true of thick laptop screen bezels, and Samsung looks to be the first to get rid of them completely by adopting an under-screen camera for future OLED laptops.

As The Verge reports, a Weibo page has appeared containing a video teasing “Samsung Blade Bezel.” The video, which can be watched in the tweet below, shows how Samsung has been able to remove all but a slither of screen bezel from the top of a laptop by positioning the webcam behind the OLED panel. It means the screen-to-body ratio increases from 85 percent to 93 percent, and the bezel is uniformly thin all the way around the display.

The video also reveals how much lighter and thinner an OLED panel is in a laptop. Samsung claims the typical 2.1mm thick panel is reduced to just 1mm, and the weight is reduced from 180 grams down to 130 grams. What it means is, we should see laptops shipping with larger displays in a smaller footprint which also end up weighing the same, if not less than previous generation laptops.

What’s unclear is how close to production-ready Blade Bezel laptops are. Samsung did announce 10 new OLED panels for upcoming laptops during CES 2021 this week, but there was no mention of hidden webcams.

January 14, 2021
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