Ring Fit Adventure is $10 off in Best Buy’s latest Nintendo Switch deals

Ring Fit Adventure deals Nintendo Switch sales

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Ring Fit Adventure has been flying off the shelves over the last year, and there’s little wonder. Combine the incredible Nintendo Switch playerbase with the need for home fitness and the perfect gamified way of getting in shape, and you’ve got a recipe for stock shortages. However, not only will you find Ring Fit Adventure in stock this week, but Best Buy’s latest Nintendo Switch deals are also cutting $10 off the price (now $69.99, was $79.99).

This game rarely sees discounts by itself – it’s not been on the shelves long enough to see any price cuts in the past few months – which makes this offer particularly stunning. Ring Fit Adventure uses a ring-shaped device with a leg strap to hold your Joy-Con controllers while you battle through monsters and bosses using timed workouts to complete the RPG adventure. 

It’s a potent combination of fitness, gameplay, customization, and motivation that has helped the title soar in popularity, especially during periods of lockdown. We don’t expect this particular Ring Fit Adventure deal to stay in stock too long these days either. 

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Ring Fit Adventure: $79.99 $69.99 at Best Buy

The at-home fitness adventure that took over the Switch is on sale right now at Best Buy. Not only has this game been incredibly difficult to get your hands on over the last year, but discounts are a rarity as well – making this an excellent buy if you’re looking to use your Nintendo Switch to get in shape.

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January 14, 2021
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