Rico Nasty Joins chillpill and Soleima on Wacky, Wonderful Single “LiL BiTcH”: Stream


If debut album Nightmare Vacation taught us anything, it’s that Rico Nasty is at her best when operating out of the norm. Genres, rules, and expectations — the young rapper relishes in breaking them all, and all while making it look fun as hell.

For her latest project, a single and video called “LiL BiTcH”, Rico ditches her recently acquired 18th century ball gown to become… a video game character that takes down evil ducks and bears. Classic Rico move, baby.

The release is a collaboration spearheaded by pop producer chillpill and also features Danish singer Soleima, but per usual, Rico steals the show. The Maryland rapper herself is already like a cartoon character personified, and when coupled with wacky and wonderful hyperpop like this, it’s a guaranteed surreal slam dunk. (Also see her songs produced by Dylan Brady of 100 gecs.)

Check out the “LiL BiTcH” visual below, which is reportedly the world’s first-ever music video game.

“LiL BiTcH” Artwork:

lil bitch artwork rico nasty chillpill

January 22, 2021
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