Retro-Fitted Electric Vehicle Factories – GM’s Hamtramck Location Will Be an EV Production Facility (

GM recently indicated that its Hamtramck location will be its first EV production facility that will only produce electric cars. The automotive company will spend $2.2 billion USD to retrofit the factory to become an EV production facility. Converting the factory will also create jobs in the region, previously the factory operated with 900 employees, however, once it is updated it will house 2,200 workers.

GM indicated that a number of different electrically powered trucks and SUVs will be produced that the facility, including an electric pickup truck. The company also stated that the electric pickup truck will be available to consumers before the end of 2021.

Overall created a dedicated EV factory will help the company improve its stability to create electric vehicles efficiently.

Image Credit: Shutterstock

July 9, 2020
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