Remote Office Travel Trailers – Airstream’s Flying Cloud 30FB Office is a Modern Mobile Home (

The Flying Cloud 30FB Office by Airstream is optimized for working on the go and it’s spacious enough to sleep up to six people. The modern mobile office and home on wheels is outfitted with a bedroom, three closets, a kitchenette and a bathroom that includes a shower.

The pandemic has not only changed the way people live and work, but it is also revolutionizing remote work. Now, companies across the board are planning to convert up to two-thirds of their jobs to remote-only positions. As a result, new work-life solutions are being created to support freedom, flexibility and healthy balances between office and living spaces.

Bob Wheeler, president and CEO of Airstream, says that the Flying Cloud 30FB Office “was absolutely inspired by the pandemic but also done in anticipation of the exciting new opportunities that work from anywhere will bring for the long haul.”

February 6, 2021
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