Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

After focusing on other models for some time, Razer’s released three versions of its revived basic gaming mouse, the DeathAdder V2, in 2020. The newest of the three, the $129 DeathAdder V2 Pro, is a wireless version of the original, replete with Razer’s updated suite of “Pro”—or, formerly, “Ultimate”—bells and whistles, including Bluetooth and 2.4 connectivity and support for the company’s wireless charging dock. Given that the standard DeathAdder V2 already offers Razer’s top sensor and components, DeathAdder V2 Pro feels like less of an upgrade than other models, beyond cutting the cord. It’s an amazing mouse, but at nearly twice the price of its wired counterpart (or literally double if you buy it with a charging dock), DeathAdder V2 Pro is a harder sell than some of its pro-level peers.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse side profileDeathAdder, but without its tail cord. Measuring 1.88 by 5 by 2.75 by inches (HLW), it’s just a smidge larger than the standard DeathAdder V2. It’s also just a hair heavier than the DeathAdder V2 at 3.07 ounces, versus the wired model’s 2.86 ounces. (It’s normal for wireless mice to weigh a little more, as they require additional components.) The changes haven’t impacted its comfort: For a simple mouse without a widened base or a thumb wing, the DeathAdder V2 Pro has one of the most comfortable shapes I’ve used. Its high-hump base keeps your hand in perfect position, even without much in the way of side grips and a slippery matte plastic top panel.

I would describe the DeathAdder V2 Pro as a seven-button mouse,  even though it technically has eight. There are five inputs on top: Left click, right click, a clickable scroll wheel, and two DPI cycle buttons in the center column. On the left side, you have the standard back and forward side buttons. Lastly, if you flip over the mouse you’ll find a button that cycles through the mouse’s five onboard profiles. (There’s also a removable panel, revealing a space to store the mouse’s 2.4 GHz wireless dongle in transit). The eight buttons are customizable, though changing the profile-swapper to anything else feels like a waste as you won’t be able to take advantage of its color-coded indicator light.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse top buttonsesports mouse, the DeathAdder is also well-liked in competitive circles, and DeathAdder V2 Pro offers pro-grade performance for those who need it.

Like its most recent top-level counterpart, the Razer Naga Pro, the DeathAdder V2 lets you choose between two wireless connection types: Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz wireless using a USB dongle. The 2.4 GHz connection tends to be the PC gamer’s choice, as it’s more stable. Having Bluetooth as a second option adds a lot of utility, though, as it drains less battery more slowly and works with a wider range of devices, including smartphones. In my testing, both connections worked well, even in a room with a lot of potential interference. Its MicroUSB charging cable can also plug into your PC to create a wired connection.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse frontBasilisk Ultimate and Viper Ultimate, when they launched, so you know the two are a package deal.

Now it’s an extra $20 when purchased as part of a bundle with a compatible mouse, or $49.99 if you purchase it after the fact. Given that you’re already investing $100 dollars in the mouse, I would encourage anyone who buys the mouse to splurge on the bundle.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse software for customizing buttons October 27, 2020

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