Rad Power Bikes’ latest model, the RadMission, is its slimmest and cheapest electric bike yet

Rad Power Bikes, one of the top electric bike manufacturers in the US, is out with a new slimmed- and stripped-down city commuter called the RadMission Electric Metro Bike. This bike is no frills, with a single-speed drivetrain, a torquey 500W geared hub motor, and a battery that’s somehow smaller than Rad Power Bikes’ regular packs but just as powerful.

But the real shocker is the price. The Seattle-based company, which is known for its value-based prices, is offering the RadMission at an introductory price of $999 — its cheapest model yet. That’s about $500 less than most of Rad Power Bikes’ lineup. (No word yet on what the regular, non-introductory price will be.)

That will certainly help attract anyone…

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June 23, 2020
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