PUBG Mobile Season 17 release date, royale pass, 1.2 update and what we know

PUBG Mobile Season 17

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PUBG Mobile Season 17 is now underway. The Royale Pass Season 17 officially arrived on Tuesday, January 19, and players enjoy various new modes, weapons and work towards earning various tier rewards. 

PUBG Mobile is the official spin-off to the survival game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, and in many ways, the mobile version of PUBG has eclipsed its bigger brother, particularly in terms of revenue. It was the highest grossing mobile game in May 2020, making a whopping $226 million for PUBG’s parent company, Tencent. That may change in the near future, though, as the game was recently banned in India.

PUBG Mobile is incredibly popular, then, and by delivering a regular wave of updates, new seasonal content and gameplay modes for its dedicated player base, the game will continue to draw people in. Here’s what you need to know about PUBG Mobile Season 17.

When does PUBG Mobile Season 17 start? 

PUBG Mobile Season 17 is now here. You can download the game from both the App Store and Google Play, but the game is currently unavailable in India after it was banned. 

Android users can take advantage of PUBG Mobile’s new royale pass Prime subscription service, and enjoy exclusive Prime-only player benefits. Subscribers can get 300 or 900 royale pass vouchers each month, as well as access to Prime-exclusive Airplane Ranking display perks. 

The Prime subscription is only available on Android devices for now, but iOS users can apparently look forward to an upcoming collaboration with Apple in the future.

What does PUBG Mobile Season 17 include? 

PUBG Mobile runic power

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PUBG Mobile Season 17 focuses on the theme of ‘Runic Power’, bestowing players with mystical powers via three special runes that have come from another world.

There are three runes to select before a match begins: the Flame Rune, Artic Rune and Wind Rune. The Flame Rune lets you summon a wheel of flame that slowly rolls forwards, dealing burn damage to anyone who gets caught in its path.

The Arctic Rune adds a freezing enchantment to ammo, which reduces the effectiveness when an enemy player tries to heal, and you can also summon an icy wall to protect yourself during battle.

The Wind Rune summons a semi-transparent shield of wind that reduces bullet damage from incoming enemies, and also boosts player movement speed while reducing reload time for a short period.

Once you’ve used a rune, you’ll have to find another scattered around Erangel’s vast terrain.

Players will also find a new weapon as part of Season 17 as well as new cosmetics. A new FAMA variable-fire assault rifle has been added, which uses 5.56mm ammo and has reduced recoil, and the Deadly Sickle and Guardian Armor Set are also up for grabs. 

What does the PUBG Mobile Version 1.2 update include?

PUBG Mobile Season 17 theme

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The PUBG Mobile version 1.2 update is now live. It introduces a Classic game mode on the timeless Erangel map, where players spawn with one of three pre-selected powers.

A fresh variant of PUBG Mobile’s collaboration with Metro Exodus is also included. Players can collect Honor from fallen foes and unlock specially-themed voice packs, outfits and other permanent rewards. You can also earn further unlockable rewards like exclusive vehicles by collecting Metro Badges.

How much is the PUBG Mobile Season 17 royale pass? 

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PUBG Mobile’s royale pass is free, but if you’re after the game’s premium items you’ll need to stump up some cash. The free pass also tops out at rank 60, so bear that in mind if you have your eye on some of the higher-tier rewards.

PUBG Mobile’s Season 17 royale pass is likely to cost 600 Unknown Cash ($9.99 / £9.99), and you’ll gain access to better rewards and the opportunity to rank up faster via elite missions. If time is of the essence, the Elite Pass Plus usually costs 1800 UC ($29.99 / £29.99) but you’ll instantly jump to rank 25 for free and snag some unique reward items.

January 20, 2021
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