Proprietary Color-Changing Paints – MIT Created ChromoUpdate: a UV-Activated Color-Changing Paint (

MIT debuted an innovative new concept that could entirely change design: color-changing paint. The proprietary paint, called ChromoUpdate, is clear in color but has a light-sensitive feature that shifts the paint’s color when exposed to different intensities of UV light. Using targeted UV light, the color-changing paint can be quickly drawn over in grayscale and then painted precisely with UV light, creating custom designs. These two processes not only allow for an endless number of different designs to be readily projected onto an object but the designs could then be altered or repainted perpetually.

The color-changing paint could become an essential tool for product designers, providing them with an all-in-one coloring solution that would save them time and money. For consumers, the color-changing paint could be used to reinvigorate or reinvent older products like t-shirts or phone cases with new designs or color schemes. Because of its reusable properties, the paint could prove a valuable asset in the move toward recyclability and sustainability.

Image Credit: Fast Company

June 15, 2021
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