Pick of the Day: “Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine”


Pick of the Day: “Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine”

“Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine”: Lacey Terrell/Netflix

Sarah Cooper became a household name by lip-synching some of Trump’s more incomprehensible COVID-19 remarks. With those viral videos, she was able to lay bare just how unqualified Trump is for his job — how genuinely stupid he is, really — and amusingly underscore just how low America has sunk. Cooper treads similar ground in “Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine,” her new Netflix variety special.

Whether she’s delving into the history of Karens, teasing Jordan Peele’s next horror project, eviscerating the pseudoscience that’s cropped up during the pandemic, or presenting a new perspective on the infamous Access Hollywood tape, Cooper offers an if-you-don’t-laugh-you’ll-cry take on 2020 life in “Everything’s Fine.” The special’s central conceit is a morning show called “Everything’s Fine,” anchored by a fictionalized version of Cooper and made up of news bulletins, special segments, commercials, and apocalyptic weather reports featuring the likes of Maya Rudolph, Jane Lynch, Winona Ryder, Helen Mirren, and Marisa Tomei. The Sarah of “Everything’s Fine” is teetering on the edge — she’s fairly certain everything is actually going to shit, even as she assures her viewers that’s not the case.

Seven days before the election — when we want a laugh to break the tension, but also need someone to acknowledge our collective anxiety — “Everything’s Fine” is just the comedy special we need. As is the case with Cooper’s lip-synch videos, it’s not necessarily comforting, but it suggests there are people paying attention to the mess we’re all in, and they’re adequately appalled.

“Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine” is now streaming on Netflix. Natasha Lyonne directed.

Check out one of Cooper’s latest Trump lip-synch videos below.

I don’t know why Leslie Stahl even gives Trump the time of day pic.twitter.com/X6MPM5uyYJ

— Sarah Cooper (@sarahcpr) October 22, 2020

October 27, 2020
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