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Peloton moved beyond stationary bikes with the Tread , and as you can imagine, it’s not your typical treadmill. Equipped with an HD touch display, the Peloton Tread offers thousands of live and on-demand classes to motivate your runs. Starting at $4,295 (in addition to $39 per month for Peloton’s subscription service), this smart home gym machine is quite an investment. But whether you’re an advanced runner or just starting out, the Tread gives you access to a plethora of modifiable workouts to target every part of the body—all in the comfort of your own home, on your time. If you love running and can handle the cost, the Peloton Tread is every bit as worthy of our Editors’ Choice award as the Peloton Bike and Bike .

Peloton’s Pricing

Peloton offers the Tread in a few different packages, all of which include delivery and assembly, and a come with one-year warranty. If you don’t want to pay upfront, Peloton offers the option to finance the treadmill over 39 months.

Peloton Tread forthcoming Peloton Tread starts at $2,495, making it a far more affordable option than the top-of-the-line model.

For $4,565 ($118 per month), the Tread Essentials Package comes with one set of resistance bands, two pairs of free weights, an exercise mat, and a heart rate monitor. With the $4,665 ($120 per month) Works Package, Peloton also includes a pair of custom JBL wireless earbuds and a glass water bottle in addition to the accessories that come with the Essentials bundle. The Family Package is the most expensive option at $4,865 ($125 per month), and comes with one set of resistance bands, three pairs of free weights, an exercise mat, two pairs of wireless earbuds, two glass water bottles, and two chest strap heart rate monitors.

Regardless of which package you choose, you still have to pay an additional $39 per month for Peloton’s subscription service to use the Tread . With the subscription, you get unlimited access to all of Peloton’s live-streamed and on-demand classes filmed at the company’s NYC studio. It also gives you full access to the Peloton app for Android and iOS.

If you don’t want to buy the Tread , you also have the option of subscribing to just the app for $12.99 per month, which gives you access to on-demand classes to use with any standard treadmill instead.

A Big, Heavy Treadmill

Before you even consider buying the Peloton Tread , make sure you have enough space for it. Its frame measures 72.5 by 36.5 by 72.0 inches (LWH) and, combined with the display, weighs a total of 455 pounds. At zero percent incline, standing on the treadmill puts you 11.5 inches above the ground. The new Tread has a smaller 68-by-33-inch footprint (LW), stands 62 inches, and weighs 290 pounds, so it’s easier to move and a better option if you’re short on space.

Considering I live on the fourth floor of my apartment building in a tiny, two-bedroom unit with outdated infrastructure, I had the Tread delivered to my parents’ house in the suburbs. The Peloton team makes setup a breeze. It took a little under an hour for them to put the Tread together, and they stuck around to answer my initial questions.

The Tread ‘s sleek design is minimal but classy, and its carbon steel build feels sturdy. A roomy polycarbonate tray with two cup holders takes the place of the dashboard you find on most traditional treadmills. In addition to the two main handrails on either side, there’s also a smaller one in front of the tray with a soft-touch finish. It houses the power, stop, and sleep buttons, and a removable safety key. To the right is the Free mode button that turns the Tread into a manual treadmill.

Tread NordicTrack Commercial 2950, which shares our Editors’ Choice award in this category with the Tread , can go up to 12mph, incline 15%, and decline 3%. The Commercial 2950 and other iFit-powered NordicTrack and Proform treadmills can automatically adjust your incline, decline, and speed to match the terrain and your trainer’s pace, another feature Peloton’s treadmills lack. During Tread classes, the instructor tells you when to adjust your speed or incline, but you have to do it yourself.

The knobs on the Tread are smooth and easy to handle, but knowing which way to spin them takes a bit of getting used to. If you want to bypass knobs entirely, you can customize shortcuts on the touch display.

The slat belt (the part of the treadmill you run on) is made of 59 individually mounted aluminum slats that are coated with rubber and roll on ball bearings, so the Tread feels super smooth under your feet. The new Tread, in comparison, has a traditional running belt and lacks the shock absorbers of the premium model.

The Tread is a lot quieter than typical treadmills, no matter how fast you’re going. Nylon-blend fabric wraps around the base of the machine and opens with a zipper on both sides to a space where you can store your mat, resistance bands, and heart rate monitor.

Tread fitness apps. I linked my Fitbit account and all of my workouts automatically synced to my Fitbit profile after I was done.

For more on the types of classes Peloton offers and how they work, check out our review of the Peloton Bike .

Test Run

Peloton streams up to eight live Tread classes each day. While I took a few to get a feel for the experience, I ultimately prefer the on-demand ones. I like the freedom of hopping on the treadmill when I want rather than planning my schedule around a specific class. Regardless, each class provides a similar experience.

On the display you see information like energy output, distance, average pace, calories, and elevation, along with your speed and incline. At the top, you can also see how much time has elapsed. You have the choice of swiping away any metrics or information you don’t want to see while taking the class.

Tread Angela Moscaritolo contributed to this review.

February 5, 2021
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