Peanut Protein Vegan Chicken – Haofood Leverages Peanut Proteins for Its New Plant-Based Chicken (

As the plant-based market continues to expand, Haofood is leading the industry with the launch of its vegan chicken made from peanut protein. The Shanghai-based brand is focusing on “fried chicken” since Asia is responsible for almost 40% of global chicken consumption, with most consumers preferring fried chicken.

Haofood opted for peanut protein in its plant-based chicken since the ingredient is high in protein and fiber, contains zero cholesterol, and is also a source of vitamins and minerals. In addition, the ingredient proved to provide a better texture for Asian consumers. Astrid Prajogo, the CEO and founder of Haofood commented on this notion, stating: “Until now, plant-based meat has been based on soybean. The taste and texture reminded them of tofu. In China, we eat tofu everyday… Our main goal was to have a product [completely different] from the tofu meat experience.”

Image Credit: Haofood

January 20, 2021
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