Parody Dating Platforms – Amazon Dating Boasts a Variety of Singles, Varying in Price and Age (

Amazon Dating is a humorous and provoking parody by concept artists Ani Acopian, Suzy Shinn, Morgan Gruer, and animator Thinko.

The website embraces the layout of the popular e-commerce platform, but instead of products—it features people of different ages, ethnicities, and prices. It is designed to allow you to meet someone at the ‘Prime’ of your life, whether you are 19, 87 and beyond.

When you click on a person on the Amazon Dating platform, their page opens up and you can look at the clever descriptions—from Brad, 57 who has “recently filed to divorce Karen [also on the platform] and doesn’t understand why his son can’t afford to buy a house yet” to Rizky, 26 who “replies with only ‘lmao’ [and] doesn’t know who Van Halen is.”

In addition, Amazon Dating also shows various customer reviews for each individual which are just as cheeky, if not more, than the description.

July 3, 2020
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