Oculus Quest 2 Now Supports 90Hz Games Following First Big Update

(Image: Oculus)

Oculus has debuted the first major update for the Quest 2 virtual reality headset, introducing its 90Hz refresh rate mode that was promised when the product was set to debut.

According to Oculus’s lengthy blog post, developers may now ship titles for the Quest 2 that include 90Hz support instead of the default 72Hz base refresh rate. Now, a selection of games like Beat Saber, Vacation Simulator, Superhot, and Space Pirate Trainer will support the 90Hz refresh rate, with more on their way.

Connecting the Quest 2 to your PC by way of an Oculus Link cable also now allows you to choose between 72Hz, 80Hz, or 90Hz with the Oculus app.

There’s also improved visual quality available for users who take advantage of the Link function. For those who depend on automatic profile settings when tweaking their Quest 2’s graphics, there’s a new interface for altering those options within the PC app.

Later this month, Oculus will also be rolling out additional options for the headset’s mobile and desktop apps. This will include support for Oculus Move, an app that allows you to track calories burned while in VR. Additionally, the app will allow for capture of the headset’s screen for both iOS or Android for quick sharing with game clips and more.

Finally, Oculus will be opening up support for gifting games through its online store. If you know someone who’s getting a Quest 2 this holiday season, this option could really come in handy. This year will be a great time to see the headset come into its own.

November 15, 2020
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