Non-Invasive Incontinence Devices – Elitone Stimulates Pelvic Floor Muscles by Doing Kegels for You (

Elitone is a new non-invasive incontinence treatment that stimulates users weakened pelvic floor muscles by doing timed Kegel exercises for users. The company was founded by couple Gloria and Eric Kolb, who together, boast over 40 combined years of experience in medical device product development and commercialization.

Elitone is PDA-approved and its comfortable GelPad creates gentle, low-frequency pulses that can be used for 20-minute sessions. This helps ensure the pelvic floor muscles are regularly exercised and strengthen to prevent bladder leakage, frequent urination, and more. This convenient solution is almost undetectable under clothing and can be used anywhere and anytime — even while hiking, cooking, and working — to reduce the number of leaks they experience significantly.

Image Credit: Elitone

July 9, 2020
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