Nick Cave shuts down Kanye West collaboration rumours

Rocker Nick Cave has silenced rumours suggesting a secret collaboration with Kanye West is the reason for the controversial rapper’s album delay.

Kanye had previously announced plans to drop Donda on 24 July, but the date passed without any further mention of the project or when it would be released.

Speculation somehow began surfacing online linking Cave to the album, leading one fan to ask the singer about his potential involvement via his The Red Hand Files blog.

“Is it true that Kanye’s new album is delayed because you both took the last minute decision to include a track you have been working on together?” wrote a Belgian follower going by the name of Vassilis.

Shutting down the rumours with a short denial, Cave simply responded, “Dear Vassilis, No. Love, Nick.”

Kanye appears to have put the Donda album plans on the back burner for the time being as he presses on with his 2020 campaign for the U.S. presidency, which was only formally announced in July.

August 20, 2020
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