nCore Games confirms Akshay Kumar is part of FAU-G’s ‘development’


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When FAU-G was announced last year, Akshay Kumar was a part of it and he even shared the trailer for the same. nCore Games, the company behind FAU-G, had announced that the game is being developed keeping feedback from Akshay Kumar in mind. And it has confirmed the same now. 

Akshay Kumar had earlier shared the trailer and even significant news about the game on his social media handles. While celebrities taking interest in video games is not new, they usually keep away from the development part of it. 

But in this case, Akshay Kumar seems to have gone the extra yard.

According to a report by IGN India, nCore Games’ Co-Founder and COO Ganesh Hande spoke on Akshay Kumar’s involvement and said, “He has been frequently reviewing the builds and sharing feedback. So definitely yes, he was a part of the development.”

nCore Founder and Chairman Vishal Gondal, has also clarified that the FAU-G anthem is being readied by Akshay Kumar and his team. “He said ‘I am going to make the anthem and give it to you,” says Gondal. “He has seen every build and gives feedback. He gave us feedback on how characters look and gave a lot of feedback on the weapons and how they are supposed to look as a lot of them were cobbled together by the Chinese — in line with the game’s Galwan Valley setting. They are not proper weapons and he gave us input on how they should look and work.”

Apparently, Akshay Kumar even asked the team if they could include a dog in the game, which will probably be added in a later build in the game.

Whether it’s a problem within the country or at the border…these Bharat Ke Veer always stand tall. They are our Fearless And United Guards, our FAU-G! Witness the anthem 🦁 Pre-register now 🎮 26/1@VishalGondal @nCore_games @BharatKeVeer #FAUG 3, 2021

nCore Games recently claimed in an interview that the game has received over four million pre-registrations. “We’ve crossed over four million pre-registrations,” says Gondal. “And this is with not allowing some of the low-end devices to register.” 

“I will say that we will cross five million at least. Could be higher,” he says. “But at five million I don’t think so any other game, at least in India has got that kind of pre-registrations.” And apparently the support for these ‘low-end’ devices would also be coming soon. “

FAU-G is set to launch on January 26 i.e. on the occasion of Indian Republic Day. Earlier, pre-registration for the game went live in November.

January 20, 2021
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