Motorola Edge S release date, price, news, rumors, and if it’s the Edge 2

Motorola Edge

Motorola Edge
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When the Motorola Edge series of smartphones launched in mid-2020 we weren’t sure if Motorola’s new flagship line was here to stay, but we now know it is, because the Motorola Edge S has been confirmed to launch very soon.

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The Motorola Edge phones were intriguing, with screens that had edges which curved dramatically – hence the names. We wanted to see more, so we’re glad the company has confirmed a new model, though we’re not too sure what the new phone is.

Is the Motorola Edge S basically the Edge 2 in all but name, or is that numerical successor coming later? We’ve no idea right now, but perhaps we’ll find out when it launches on January 26.

The Edge is a great mid-range handset and the Edge Plus is an impressive premium device – and, while neither is perfect, we have to commend Motorola for leaving its budget-phone comfort zone and making something new. In a world of successors and follow-ups, that’s a rare move.

We know a little bit about the Motorola Edge S, and you can find that below, along with a brief wish-list of what we want to see.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The next entry in Motorola’s premium line
  • When is it out? Being announced on January 26
  • How much will it cost? Possibly both a mid-range and a premium model

Motorola Edge S release date and price

Motorola Edge Plus

Motorola Edge Plus (Image credit: Future)

Motorola itself has confirmed the Edge S is set to launch on January 26, which is quite early compared to what we were expecting.

The Motorola Edge and Edge Plus were launched in April 2020, and were released in staggered formation: the Edge was first available in the UK, while the Edge Plus launched in the US; over time, both phones became available in both countries and beyond.

We have no idea about the Motorola Edge S price just yet, beyond making a guess based on the other models’ costs.

The Motorola Edge was priced at £549 / $699 (about AU$1,015), while the Edge Plus went for $999 / £1,050 (around AU$1,550) – so mid-range and premium respectively.

If the Motorola Edge S really is an Edge 2, we could see similar prices, but if it’s a budget version of that handset, it could be a little cheaper.

News and rumors

Motorola Edge Plus

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When the Motorola Edge S launch date was announced, the company confirmed the phone will come with the newly-announced Snapdragon 870 chipset, a premium processor from prolific tech-maker Qualcomm. This is said to be great for gaming, though we haven’t tested it in a phone yet.

People who keep on top of phones news might be scratching their head at that – didn’t Motorola say one of its 2021 smartphones would use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset, the other top-tier processor from the company? Indeed it did. So perhaps there will be multiple Edge S phones with different chipsets.

We also know the Motorola Edge S is a 5G phone, based on precedent (both original Edge phones were), and the chipset choices, and the fact Motorola explicitly said so.

Beyond that, we don’t know anything about the Motorola Edge S so far – a few leaks have circulated regarding screen and battery sizes, but none from reputable leakers, so we won’t mention them here.

What we want to see

Below you’ll find just some of the things we want to see in a Motorola Edge S, or Edge 2.

1. More edge functions

Motorola Edge

(Image credit: Future)

Motorola absolutely nailed the curved-edge design feature on the Edge, with the phone’s software providing excellent ‘accidental touch protection’. As such, swiping off a menu or selecting something by mistake is unlikely with this handset. 

In fact, Motorola actually added some tools for the curved-edge display: you can swipe up on the edge to see recent apps, for example, or swipe down to bring up your notifications. 

We didn’t use these features much, finding non-edge functions more useful, though there are some we enjoyed, like the on-screen triggers. We’d like to see Motorola add even more functions for the Edge S, making the most of the curved screen.

2.  Improved cameras

With the Motorola Edge series, Moto joined the ‘high-megapixel’ rush – the Edge had a 64MP main snapper and the Edge Plus went up to 108MP. However more pixels doesn’t equal better photos, and the Edge cameras weren’t amazing.

We’d like to see a change of focus with the Edge S line – instead of chasing high megapixels, if the company went with lower-res but bigger sensors, the phones could be better for photography.

Credit where credit’s due: both Edge phones had the lovely combo of main, ultra-wide and telephoto lenses, which gives a wide array of shooting options for photos. It’s just a shame the resulting images were a little dim.

3. A nice low price

The selling point of many mid-range handsets is ‘top-end specs for a lower price’, but there are few phones that truly pull off that feat, with many obviously cutting corners to meet that reduced price.

However, the Motorola Edge is one of the few phones in the mid-range market that we believe genuinely looks and feels like a premium device.

This is down to the great combination of design and display, as well as the clean software and UI, and long-lasting battery. Obviously, it isn’t an out-and-out premium phone (unlike the Edge Plus), but you certainly wouldn’t get that from looking at it, or in general use.

We’d like to see Motorola replicate this feat with the Edge S phones, offering great-feeling phones with a relatively low price.

January 20, 2021
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