Modular Concept Vehicles – The ElectricBrands Mobility Company Created a the eBussy Concept (

ElectricBrands, a german Mobility company, recently revealed its new eBussy concept vehicle. The eBussy concept car has the ability to transition into 10 distinct body types. The vehicle stats as a flatbed truck, for both road of off-road driving. Additionally, the owners can alter the vehicle to be a bus, dump truck, a ‘suitcase’ van, a universal transporter, a ‘Kombi’ pickup, a single-cab pickup, a camper, and more. Driving positions can also be changed, by sliding the steering colon around the dashboard. The ElectricBrands vehicle is powered by a 10 kWh battery pack which can last for 124 miles of range.

The mobility company will list the eBussy for a price point ranging from $18,273-33,309 USD.

Image Credit: ElectricBrands

July 28, 2020
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