Mobile Office Pod Concepts – Nissan’s NV350 Office Pod Customization Supports Remote Work (

The way people live and work is changing and Nissan is introducing the NV350 Office Pod customization concept to support the remote working lifestyle. The concept is designed to help people live and work on the go in a comfortable way, as it features a retractable workspace, a dedicated desk area and sliding doors that can be opened to the fresh air.

The live-work lifestyle that the Office Pod has the potential to support is a balanced one, as the automaker’s concept also includes a roof that doubles as a balcony for lounging, complete with its own recliner and parasol.

Nissan will be showing the Office Pod customizations for the NV350 caravan at the virtual 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Image Credit: Nissan

January 15, 2021
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