Miley Cyrus confirms grandmother’s passing as she returns to social media

Miley Cyrus has shared a touching tribute to her maternal grandmother, Loretta Jean Palmer Finley, as she returned to social media on Saturday.

The Midnight Sky star had been unusually quiet on the site over the past couple of days and, upon her return, she explained to fans she’d taken some time out following the sad news.

“Even though you are gone … NOTHING has or ever will change,” the 27-year-old wrote of her grandmother.

“You will FOREVER be my inspiration and fashion icon. Even more than that the ultimate model of being a true LIGHT in a dark world,” she added, “I will miss you for the rest of my life.”

Along with her heartfelt words, Miley shared several clips of her ‘Mammie’, who was aged 85 and had supported her throughout her career. One piece of footage was taken from the red carpet premiere of her 2010 film, The Last Song, in which Miley gushed of her relative: “She is the fiercest person I know, that is all I know, she is my inspiration and fashion icon.”

She also posted photos of herself as a little girl and a snap of her grandmother sitting on the set of The Voice.

In 2013, the pop star even got ? photo of her gr?ndmother’s f?ce tattooed on her fore?rm. She sh?red ? picture of the bl?ck-?nd-white portrait on Twitter with the c?ption, “Bec?use I ?m her f?vorite ?nd she is mine.”

Miley’s recent loss comes after she confirmed she’d parted ways with Australian singer Cody Simpson after 10 months of dating.

August 24, 2020
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