MediaTek Dimensity 5G powered smartphones to make global debut

(Image credit: MediaTek)

MediaTek is mostly known for the chipset powering budget and mid-budget segment phones. Till sometime back smartphones powered by MediaTek SoC weren’t considered to be in the same league as the one’s totting Snapdragon SoC. However, with the launch of Dimensity series processors, things have changed considerably for MediaTek.

Now not only MediaTek is credited with democratizing 5G smartphones thanks to its newfound success with the Dimensity series but also is looking to take on Qualcomm in the upper tier of smartphones. 

The Dimenstiy series SoCs that comprises Dimensity 800, Dimensity 820, Dimensity 1000 , Dimensity 600 and Dimensity 720 catering towards various segments of the price gamut have impressed everyone. However, smartphones powered by these budget 5G SoC’s have been limited to the Chinese market only, hence the global audience has just been mute spectators till now.

The company has now confirmed that the first wave of smartphones powered by the Dimensity series will be heading outside China in the latter part of the year. During one of the annual earnings’ calls, the company’s executives confirmed that “5G smartphone shipment to regions beyond Mainland China will start in the third quarter.”

As of now a lot of Chinese brands including Oppo, iQOO, Honor, and Xiaomi’s Redmi have introduced smartphones powered by these new MediaTek SoCs. Global brands like LG, Huawei are among many others that are gearing up for the launch of their respective MediaTek Dimensity powered devices that are slated to go for sale sometime in the coming months.

Via: XDA Developers

August 3, 2020
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