Mark Mothersbaugh was hospitalised with COVID-19

Devo star Mark Mothersbaugh was left fighting for his life in a hospital intensive care unit in June after testing positive for COVID-19.

The post-punk rocker’s wife, Anita, revealed the health scare while raising concerns about the couple’s Hollywood Hills neighbours, TikTok stars Bryce Hall, Noah Beck and Blake Gray, who have come under fire for ignoring coronavirus concerns by throwing huge house parties at their rented mansion.

“This virus is no joke,” Anita told the Daily Mail.

“I’ve experienced it first-hand. There was a week where my daughters thought (Mark) would die,” she divulged.

Venting about the TikTok personalities’ infamous bashes, she told the publication: “It makes me crazy, the sheer inconsideration (sic). It goes on all day long.”

Describing scenes from the house, Anita said: “There are people in the pool screaming, they’re blasting music and there are cars parked all down the street. They don’t seem to care about public health.”

Her comments emerged a week after Los Angeles authorities shut off water and electricity to the trios home after violating coronavirus restrictions by hosting a massive gathering for Hall’s 21st birthday on 14 August.

Mothersbaugh has yet to personally comment on his COVID-19 battle, but he may want to make use of Devos revamped ‘energy dome’ hats, which have been re-released with face shields to help protect fans during the coronavirus lockdown.

August 27, 2020
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