L’Orange And Solemn Brigham Reveal Second Collaborative Album As Marlowe: Stream


Seattle producer L’Orange is a wizard when it comes cueing up just the right soul sample at just the right time. He’s used his magic on his own solo catalog, but also on countless collaborative albums with folks like Jeremiah Jae and Kool Keith. His latest joint effort is Marlowe 2, the sophomore LP from his Marlowe project with North Carolina rapper Solemn Brigham.

L’Orange and Brigham first teamed up in 2018 for their debut album Marlowe. A continuation of that record, today’s release is a collection of songs sounding both of this era and yesteryear, thanks in part to L’Orange’s crate-digging skills and ear for vintage gold and a well-timed interlude. (L’Orange is said to source music from pre-1950s jazz, soul, and radio.) Brigham keeps Marlowe 2 in the present, as he rhymes about current social issues such as police brutality and economic inequality.

All 18 songs on Marlowe 2 are streaming below. The full album, out through Mello Music Group, is available to purchase over on Bandcamp, which is waiving its cut of sales today as part of the site’s ongoing Bandcamp Fridays campaign. In other words, the alt-rap duo will directly benefit from each and every purchase.

Marlowe 2 Artwork:

marlowe 2 album stream new music artwork LOrange And Solemn Brigham Reveal Second Collaborative Album As Marlowe: Stream

Marlowe 2 Tracklist:

01. Marlowe Returns (Intro)

02. Spring Kick

03. Small Business

04. Later With It

05. Otherworld

06. Snake Oil Scientist

07. Future Power Sources

08. Sawdust Underground

09. Paydirt

10. Eddy Appetite Gets Repoed

11. Dead A Lot

12. Same Team

13. OG Funk Rock (feat. A-F-R-O)

14. The Machinations of E.W. Godfist

15. Can’t Have Me Nothing

16. Lamilton Taeshawn

17. Preach Honest

18. A Madman of Conviction (Outro)

August 8, 2020
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