Life-Sized Stand-In Holiday Drinkers – Jose Cuervo is Creating Doppeldrinkers to Send to Loved Ones (

Amid the global pandemic, many Americans are unwilling to travel this holiday season but to help friends and family cope with your absence, Jose Cuervo is giving fans the opportunity to send a life-sized cardboard ‘Doppeldrinker’ of themselves to friends and family. Plus, “with The Cuervo Doppeldrinker, there is also the added benefit for fans looking to avoid the dreaded holiday travel experience of being stuck in a middle seat, losing luggage or dealing with travel delays.”

To get your hands on these hilarious life-sized, cardboard Doppledrinkers, fans can enter online by uploading a full-body photo of themselves holding their favorite beverage online and where you would like your Doppledrinker to be sent. If selected, Jose Cuervo will send your Doppeldrinker in time for the holidays.

Image Credit: Jose Cuervo

November 19, 2020
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