Lentil-Laden Egg Alternatives – This Mock Egg Uses Highly Nutritious Crop-Based Proteins (TrendHunter.com)

A professor from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in India has developed a novel egg alternative that makes use of nutritious and delicious lentils.

Professor Kavya Dashora of the Centre for Rural Development and Technology developed the egg alternative using widely available crop proteins. Not only are these lentil-based ingredients high in protein and an array of nutrients, but they also have a texture and flavor that’s reminiscent of eggs. The innovation was recently recognized in the form of a $5,000 prize offered by the United Nations through the UNDP Accelerator Lab India initiative.

Given that this lentil and crop-based egg alternative uses far fewer resources than the rearing of chickens to lay eggs, it is considered a sustainable and eco-friendly way to bring the nutritional profile of eggs to the populace without sacrificing health, with the technology showing promise in potentially being incorporated into wider-scale food production.

January 19, 2021
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