Lab-Grown Meat Deliveries – People in Singapore Can Now Order Three Dishes Made with GOOD Meat (

People in Singapore who have been curious about trying lab-grown meat will now get to experience cell-based meat with ease thanks to Eat Just and food delivery app Foodpanda. On the platform, users can select three dishes made with GOOD Meat chicken from the Singapore-based restaurant 1880. On the menu, there’s Chicken & Rice with coconut rice, pak choi, sweet chili, chrysanthemums, and microgreens; Katsu Chicken Curry with jasmine rice, heritage carrots, micro shiso, and edible flowers; and Chicken Caesar Salad with kale, romaine, edible flowers, shaved radish, and plant-based dressing.

To drive home the point that the very nature of meat grown from cells is environmentally friendly, the on-demand orders are delivered by electric bicycles. Additionally, the orders are packed in a sustainable way with materials like bamboo fiber and resin.

May 18, 2021
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